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2.2 Displaying Graphics

Use the Visualize command to view any three-dimensional graphics in Dynamic Visualizer.

Displaying graphics in Dynamic Visualizer.

First, you create a simple, three-dimensional graphic in Mathematica.


You send the resulting graphic to Dynamic Visualizer.



Dynamic Visualizer is started automatically and the graphic is displayed in the center of the model. Each graphic sent to Dynamic Visualizer is treated as a unique three-dimensional object. In Mathematica, each graphical object is described using an Object3D symbolic form. Model3D, Object3D, and Camera represent special types of objects in Dynamic Visualizer and are described in Chapter 3, "Dynamic Visualizer Objects".

The graphic viewed in Dynamic Visualizer.

To move the Dynamic Visualizer window so that it is displayed in front of the Mathematica window, use the Visualize command with an empty list.


To display a single graphic with a viewpoint and box ratio similar to those of a graphic produced by Mathematica's Show command, use VisualizerShow.

Displaying a single graphic in Dynamic Visualizer.

Here is the same graphic displayed with the same viewpoint and box ratio used by Mathematica.



The graphic viewed in Dynamic Visualizer using Mathematica's normal viewpoint.

Alternatively, the viewpoint used by Mathematica can be similar to the current view of the whole model inside Dynamic Visualizer. After changing the scale and rotating the model, you can re-create the same viewpoint in the notebook.


The equivalent viewpoint of the graphic in Dynamic Visualizer.