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1.1 Introduction

Dynamic Visualizer is a Mathematica application package that is used from within Mathematica to display and manipulate three-dimensional objects. Using standard Mathematica commands, objects of arbitrary size can be displayed, and their attributes (such as color and position) can be controlled. Construction of realistic simulations is possible using simple commands; some examples are included with Dynamic Visualizer.

Dynamic Visualizer consists of an application (used to display the graphics), a Mathematica package (DynamicVisualizer.m), a set of example notebooks, examples of three-dimensional objects, and texture files.    

This documentation is a complete tutorial for using Dynamic Visualizer. It is organized into seven chapters, which are intended to be read sequentially; however, each chapter can be used independently. This manual includes references and appendices with additional material, including an explanation of how to use Dynamic Visualizer over a network.

Throughout this manual are examples that can be run directly. To run the larger examples, evaluate the input sequentially from the beginning of the chapter.