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4.1 Introduction

Objects in Dynamic Visualizer may be manipulated from Mathematica using SetOptions. An object may be moved and rotated. It may be made invisible, or semitransparent, and the front and back surfaces may be colored separately. By modifying its surface lighting properties, the surface of an object may be made matte or shiny. It can also be scaled independently along its x, y, and z axes. A variety of forms may be created using the EulerAngles, AxisAndAngle, and YawPitchRoll functions to set an object's orientation. The model and camera may also be controlled. To build up a list of manipulations, the inert form DV`SetOptions may be used.

The main options for Object3D symbolic forms.

Secondary options for Object3D, which are based on the TransformationMatrix option.

To use Dynamic Visualizer with Mathematica, first load the package.


If Dynamic Visualizer is already running, you can also clear the scene of any objects.


You can manipulate objects in Dynamic Visualizer. For demonstration purposes, create two objects: a sphere and a portion of a torus.







The sphere and torus in Dynamic Visualizer.

You can change the objects' visual properties using SetOptions. A complete list of all options that can be manipulated is available using Options.