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ListPlot[{ ,  , ... }] plots a list of values. The x coordinates for each point are taken to be 1, 2, ....
ListPlot[{{ ,  }, { ,  }, ... }] plots a list of values with specified x and y coordinates.
ListPlot[{ ,  , ... }, "style"] generates a data plot in the designated style.
ListPlot[{ ,  , ... }, "style1", "style2"] generates a data plot in the primary style, style1 and the secondary style, style2.

• Primary plot styles for 2D plots include: Default, Technical, Minimal, Business, and Colorful.

• Secondary plot styles for 2D plots include: Frame, NoFrame, Grid, NoGrid, SmallPoints, LargePoints, Tall, Wide, ViewLeft, ViewRight, and ViewCenter.

ListPlot[{ ,  , ... }, {ymin, ymax}] generates a data plot over the specified y-axis range from ymin to ymax.
ListPlot[{ ,  , ... }, "style", {ymin, ymax}] combines both specifications for plot style and y-axis range.
• See also:
Fit, Plot.


Using InstantCalculators

Here are the InstantCalculators for the ListPlot function. Enter the parameters for your calculation and click Calculate to see the result.

Entering Commands Directly

You can paste a template for this command via the Text Input button on the ListPlot Function Controller.

A single list is plotted against the position of each data point.

Ordered pairs can also be plotted.

Clear the variable definitions.

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