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ListPlot3D[array] generates a three-dimensional plot of a surface representing an array of height values.
ListPlot3D[array, "style"] generates a plot of array in the designated style.
ListPlot3D[array, "style1", "style2"] generates a plot of array in the primary style, "style1" and the secondary style, "style2".

array should be a rectangular array of real numbers, representing z values. There will be holes in the surface corresponding to any array elements that are not real numbers.

• Primary plot styles for 3D plots include: Default, Technical, Minimal, Business, and Colorful.

• Secondary plot styles for 3D plots include: Frame, NoFrame, Grid, NoGrid, SmallPoints, LargePoints, Tall, Wide, ViewLeft, ViewRight, and ViewCenter.

ListPlot3D[array, {zmin, zmax}] generates a plot of f over the specified z-axis range from zmin to zmax.
ListPlot3D[array, "style", {zmin, zmax}] combines both specifications for plot style and z-axis range.
• See also:
ListContourPlot, ListDensityPlot, Plot3D.


Using InstantCalculators

Here are the InstantCalculators for the ListPlot3D function. Enter the parameters for your calculation and click Calculate to see the result.

Entering Commands Directly

You can paste a command directly into your notebook by clicking the Text Input button on the ListPlot3D Function Controller.

Here is a 3D plot made from a perturbed list of data.

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