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ImportData["file", "format"] imports data in the specified format from a file.
ImportData["name.ext"] imports data from a file, assuming that it is in the format indicated by the file extension ext, and converts it to a Mathematica CalcCenter expression.

ImportData attempts to give a Mathematica CalcCenter expression whose meaning is as close as possible to the data in the external file.
ImportData can handle textual and tabular data, as well as graphics and sounds.
• The following file formats are supported: "BMP", "CSV", "DICOM", "DXF", "FITS", "GIF", "HarwellBoeing","HDF", "JPEG", "List", "MAT","MatrixMarket", "PNG", "SND", "STDS", "STL", "Table", and "WAV".

• Raster graphics formats are imported as either a matrix of graylevel values or a matrix containing lists of {R,G,B} values.

• DXF and STL files return a 3D graphic which can be combined with other graphics using Show.

• Sounds are imported as a list of amplitude sample values. For stereo sounds, sounds can also be imported as two lists of amplitude sample values.

ImportData["name.txt"] uses "Text" format.
ImportData["name.dat"] uses "Table" format.

• See also: Export.

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