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expr[[i]] or Part[expr, i] gives the  part of expr.
expr[[-i]] counts from the end.
expr[[i, j, ... ]] or Part[expr, i, j, ... ] is equivalent to expr[[i]] [[j]] ... .
expr[[{ ,  , ... }]] gives a list of the parts  ,  , ... of expr.

• You can make an assignment like t[[i]] = value to modify part of an expression.
• When expr is a list, expr[[{ ,  , ... }]] gives a list of parts. In general, the head of expr is applied to the list of parts.
• You can get a nested list of parts from expr[[ ,  , ... ]]. Each part has one index from each list.
expr[[spec]] can be input as expr spec .
 and  can be entered as AliasIndicator[[AliasIndicator and AliasIndicator]]AliasIndicator or \[LeftDoubleBracket] and \[RightDoubleBracket].
expr[[spec]] can be input as  or  .
• See also:
First, Last, Position, Take.


Using InstantCalculators

Here are the InstantCalculators for the Part function. Enter the parameters for your calculation and click Calculate to see the result.

Entering Commands Directly

You can paste a template for this command via the Text Input button on the Part Function Controller.

This finds the third element from the list using the shorthand notation for Part.

This pulls out a list of elements.

The second input resets the third element of the list using the special characters for Part.

Clear the variable definition.

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