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Troubleshooting on Windows

Installation difficulties

If the installation fails, open the Windows directory on the CD and run setup.exe to install Mathematica CalcCenter. If problems persist or for late-breaking news, check the technical FAQs for your platform at

Preferences and Caches

Mathematica CalcCenter preferences, such as the names of recent palettes or style sheets or the locations of recently opened and saved files, are stored in an initialization file called init.m. This file is located in $UserBaseDirectory\FrontEnd. To find $UserBaseDirectory, enter and evaluate the Mathematica CalcCenter command $UserBaseDirectory in a notebook.

Information about your layout, such as the locations of text resource files and Help Browser files, is stored in caches. A corrupted cache may cause the front end to produce an error or quit immediately on startup. The most convenient way to reset the caches to their default values is to hold down ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKey during startup. This will restore the default cache values and rebuild the initialization file automatically.

To reset your caches and preferences:

  • 1. Hold down ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKey during startup. Mathematica CalcCenter will start up, but no controllers will appear.
  • 2. Quit Mathematica CalcCenter.
  • 3. Restart Mathematica CalcCenter without holding down ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKey.
  • If you want to rebuild your caches but retain your preferences, follow these steps, but hold down only ShiftKey in step 1. This will delete and rebuild the cache without rebuilding your initialization file.


    Bitmap caches are created for graphics to allow for quick retrieval of images. If you change the display settings on your system, the colors in your graphics may appear strange. To rerender a graphic, resize it by selecting the graphic and dragging a graphic handle.


    If Mathematica CalcCenter crashes and MathKernel is still present in the task bar, right click it and choose Close from the pop-up menu.

    If you are running Windows 98 or Me, there is a small chance that the crash may destabilize your system. If you experience further problems after a crash, restart your computer.

    If Mathematica CalcCenter crashes again before any notebook is open, close the program and restart while holding down ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKey.

    SCANDISK and DriveSpace incompatibility

    The SCANDISK program that comes with Windows 95/98/Me is limited to working with files whose complete pathnames in DOS mode are no more than 66 characters long. Some files in the Mathematica CalcCenter layout have longer pathnames than this, and SCANDISK treats this as a possible error. If you run SCANDISK interactively, tell it to ignore these errors.
    The DriveSpace 3 disk compression software uses SCANDISK to check the disk before compressing it. Therefore, you will not be able to use DriveSpace 3 to compress a drive that has Mathematica CalcCenter installed on it. You can, however, uninstall Mathematica CalcCenter, compress the drive, and then reinstall Mathematica CalcCenter.

    Check the Technical Support pages on the web for further assistance at:


    If you do not find the information you need, please contact Technical Support. Include your license number in all correspondence. See the sticker on the CD envelope for your license number. It is also available after installation by choosing Help RightTriangle About Mathematica CalcCenter.

    You must be a registered customer in order to receive technical support.