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Overview of the User Interface

Mathematica CalcCenter includes interactive tools that enable you to perform calculations simply by pointing and clicking.

The Welcome Controller appears when you first launch Mathematica CalcCenter.

The Home Controller is the default controller in the control area.

Basic controllers are accessible from the Home controller.

Click Slide Show for a quick tour of Mathematica CalcCenter's features.

The SmartPlot  provides a quick way to plot functions and data.

Use the Function menus to bring up the controller for a specific calculation.

Function Controllers have buttons for doing calculations with specific functions.

InstantCalculators enable you to do calculations without prior knowledge of syntax.

Text Input buttons paste a template of the function into your notebook.

Input can also be entered directly from the keyboard. Type a command and press ShiftKeyKeyBarEnterKey to evaluate it.

Output appears in your notebook when you evaluate a command.

Definition Note displays a short description of a function and the arguments it accepts.

Full Help displays information about the selected function in the Help Browser.

Use the Help Menu to access online help.