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Using Basic Controllers

Once you start using Mathematica CalcCenter, the Home controller appears on the left side of the screen. You can enter and evaluate input by clicking the buttons on this controller.

Each of the five buttons at the top of the Home controller opens a different controller.

Bullet Formula--contains buttons that enter mathematical expressions.
Bullet Characters--contains menus of buttons that enter Greek and other special characters.
Bullet Units & Constants--contains menus of buttons that enter physical constants and units.
Bullet Style--changes the size, font, color, and other features of text.
Bullet Calculation--controls the evaluation of commands in a notebook.

All of these controllers can also be accessed from the File RightTriangle Open Controller menu command.

The bottom of each controller has a standard set of navigation buttons:

Go back to the previous controller.

Create a copy of the current controller.

Return to the Home controller.

Display help information about the current controller.

The Home controller has two other buttons: SmartPlot and Open controller. You must select a function in your notebook before clicking one of these buttons.

SmartPlot--draws a graph of the selected function with appropriate default values for the style and range of the graph.

Open controller--opens the controller for the selected function (see Using Function Controllers).

The Formula controller makes it easy for you to enter mathematical input in your notebook.

The buttons on top are for entering two-dimensional expressions like superscripts, subscripts, square roots, fractions, and integrals.

The next set of buttons is for entering matrices. You can create a new matrix with a specified number of rows and columns or add a row or column to an existing matrix.

At the bottom, there are buttons for auto-completing a command or entering a command template (see Entering Commands Directly).

After you have entered an expression, you can evaluate it by pressing ShiftKeyKeyBarEnterKey.

The Characters controller has button groups for entering a wide variety of special characters and symbols.

Click the button for a given group to see the buttons for entering characters of that type.