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Using Function Controllers

Function controllers are interactive tools that enable you to do calculations without having to know the syntax of a particular command.

Select the type of calculation you want to do from the menu toolbar. The function controller for that calculation appears in the control area. The controller contains buttons to guide you in setting up and solving your problem. Here is an example.

To evaluate an indefinite integral:

  • 1. Choose Calculus RightTriangle Integrate.
  • 2. In the function controller that appears, click indefinite integral. The InstantCalculator for this function is pasted into your notebook.
  • 3. Enter the function to be integrated and the variable of the integration in the placeholders.
    Click Show example to automatically enter the parameters for a sample problem.
  • 4. Click Calculate. Mathematica CalcCenter evaluates the input and displays the result in the notebook.
  • Each function controller has function templates grouped under Text Input. These buttons paste a function template into the current notebook. Use the placeholders in the templates for entering function parameters.

    Definition Note opens a window containing a brief description of the selected function and its syntax. You can keep several windows open at a time for ready reference.

    Full Help opens the Help Browser to display information for the selected function.