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Formatting Text

Mathematica CalcCenter includes many commands for word processing and formatting.

You can set the following options from the Edit menu.

Bullet font
Bullet face
Bullet size
Bullet background color

To change the style of text:

  • 1. Select the cell bracket.
  • 2. Choose the desired option from the Edit menu, such as the background color.
  • Alternatively, you can change the style of text using the Style controller, which is accessible from the Home controller. Select the text and click the appropriate button to change the font style, face, or size.

    You can also use the Style controller to change the style of an entire cell. Select the cell and click a button such as Title, Section, or Text to convert the cell to that style.

    To spell check a notebook:

  • 1. Click Edit RightTriangle Check Spelling.
  • 2. Mathematica CalcCenter begins spell checking the notebook at the position of the cursor. At any misspelled or unknown word, Mathematica CalcCenter selects the word and recommends a replacement.
  • Use the pop-up menu to add a word to the notebook, the session, or your global preferences.

    Mixing formulas and text

    To embed a formula in a text cell:

  • 1. Place the cursor in the text cell where you want to enter the formula.
  • 2. Enter the formula using the Formula controller or by using keystrokes (see Entering Mathematical Notation).
  • Inline cells

    Entire cells, including graphics, can be copied and pasted into other cells. You can also paste a formula from one cell into another.
    To paste one cell inside another:

  • 1. Select the cell bracket.
  • 2. Choose Edit RightTriangle Copy.
  • 3. Place the cursor in the new location and choose Edit RightTriangle Paste.