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Complete Command

Complete Command completes a partially typed function name.

• This command reads your current selection (which should be a single word or an insertion point following a word) and looks up possible completions in the list of all currently defined functions and variables.
• This command also provides completions for full names and keyboard aliases of special characters, such as \[Alpha] and AliasIndicatoraAliasIndicator.
• When there is only one possible completion, Mathematica CalcCenter automatically inserts the additional characters to finish what you have typed. Otherwise, a pop-up menu lists the various possible completions. To insert one of them, click the completion you want, or type another letter to reduce the list of possible completions.
• Press the Backspace key to cancel the pop-up menu.
• If the list is long, you can scroll the menu by moving the mouse up or down, or by using the arrow keys.
• For more information on Complete Selection see
Entering Commands Directly.
• Keyboard shortcut: ControlKeyLeftModifiedkRightModified (Windows); CommandKeyLeftModifiedkRightModified (Macintosh).

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