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Make Command Template

Make Command Template inserts a template based on the currently selected function name.

• This command reads your current selection (which should be a function name or insertion point after a function name) and adds a template for the arguments it can take. For example, if your selection is Plot you get Plot[f, {x, xmin, xmax}], which shows the simplest form of the Plot function.
• Note that the templates you get for built-in functions are usually only one of several possible argument forms. Use the command ? or open the function's Controller to get more information. You can also look in the Functions category of the Help Browser for a complete description of a given command.
• When you choose Make Command Template after typing a partial word, Mathematica CalcCenter looks to the left of the insertion point to find a suitable function name. When the name found is not a built-in function, Make Command Template applies the Complete Selection command before attempting to make a template.
• Keyboard shortcut: ControlKeyKeyBarShiftKeyLeftModifiedkRightModified (Windows); CommandKeyKeyBarShiftKeyLeftModifiedkRightModified (Macintosh).

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