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Special Characters

Built into Mathematica CalcCenter are a large number of special characters intended for use in mathematical and other notation.
Each special character is assigned a full name such as \[Infinity]. More common special characters are also assigned aliases, such as AliasIndicatorinfAliasIndicator, where  stands for the  key.
For special characters that are supported in standard dialects of TeX, Mathematica CalcCenter also allows you to use aliases based on TeX names. Thus, for example, you can enter \[Infinity] using the alias AliasIndicator\inftyAliasIndicator. Mathematica CalcCenter also supports aliases such as AliasIndicator&infinAliasIndicator based on names used in SGML and HTML.

Ways to enter special characters.

Here are some common examples of special characters and ways to enter them.

In a Mathematica CalcCenter notebook, you can use special characters just like you use standard keyboard characters. You can include special characters both in ordinary text and in input that you intend to give to Mathematica CalcCenter.

Types of special characters.

The Characters Controller (accessed from the File RightTriangle Open Controller menu) lists all available special characters. Move the pointer over a button to display the character's alias and long name at the bottom of the wizard.