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Getting Help

Go to the Help menu to get easy access to documentation on all of CalculationCenter 's features and functions.

The Help Browser works like a search engine. You can use it to locate information on a given topic by specifying one or more keywords.

To search for information on a topic:

1. Click Help Open Help Browser to access online help.

2. Click the Master Index button in the Help Browser.

3. In the text field, start typing. As you type, the first matching entry is highlighted in the columns of the Help Browser.

4. Press . The window lists all available information in the form of hyperlinks.

5. Click a hyperlink. The Help Browser jumps to that topic and displays the information.

6. To return to the index, click Back . Click another hyperlink to see other information.

The information in the Help Browser is divided into four categories:

  • Getting Started -an online version of this manual and sample notebooks
  • Functions -definitions of all built-in functions, with examples
  • Other Information -information on menus, keyboard shortcuts and other topics
  • Master Index -a complete alphabetical listing of all topics in the Help Browser

    You can browse the list of topics displayed in the columns under any of these categories. Click on any topic to view information about it in the Help Browser.

    Here is an example of the Help entry for a built-in function. It includes:

  • a definition of the function
  • a button for opening the corresponding function controller
  • editable examples that you can evaluate
  • notes giving additional information
  • hyperlinks to other references in the Browser