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FilledSmallSquare SolvePDE[eqns, y, {x, xmin, xmax}] finds a numerical solution to the ordinary differential equations eqns for the function y with the independent variable x in the range xmin to xmax.

FilledSmallSquare SolvePDE[eqns, y, {x, xmin, xmax}, {t, tmin, tmax}] finds a numerical solution to the partial differential equations eqns.

FilledSmallSquare SolvePDE[eqns, {, , ... }, {x, xmin, xmax}] finds numerical solutions for the functions .

FilledSmallSquare SolvePDE gives results in terms of InterpolatingFunction objects.

FilledSmallSquare SolvePDE[eqns, y[x], {x, xmin, xmax}] gives solutions for y[x] rather than for the function y itself.

FilledSmallSquare SolvePDE solves a wide range of ordinary differential equations, and some partial differential equations.

FilledSmallSquare In ordinary differential equations, the functions must depend only on the single variable x. In partial differential equations, they may depend on more than one variable.

FilledSmallSquare The differential equations must contain enough initial or boundary conditions to determine the solutions for the completely.

FilledSmallSquare Initial and boundary conditions are typically stated in form y[] == , y'[] == , etc., but may consist of more complicated equations.

FilledSmallSquare The point that appears in the initial or boundary conditions need not lie in the range xmin to xmax over which the solution is sought.

FilledSmallSquare The differential equations in SolvePDE can involve complex numbers.

FilledSmallSquare See also: D, Integrate, ND, NIntegrate, SolveEquation.


Using InstantCalculators

Here are the InstantCalculators for the SolvePDE function. Enter the parameters for your calculation and click Calculate to see the result.




Entering Commands Directly

You can paste a template for this command via the Text Input button on the SolvePDE Function Controller.



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