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About CalculationCenter

CalculationCenter is a powerful and easy-to-use system for basic technical computing. It includes special controllers that guide you through every step of the problem-solving process. You don't need to learn complicated commands or a new syntax-just select the type of calculation you want from the menu and point-and-click your way to a solution.

Using CalculationCenter you can:

Bullet choose from hundreds of built-in functions for algebra, calculus, graphics, data analysis, statistics, and more

Bullet solve equations in symbolic form or get numerical results

Bullet create instant 2D and 3D plots to visualize the results of your calculations

Bullet quickly access information on any function using the comprehensive online help

Bullet import and export data-both text and graphics-in a variety of standard formats

Bullet create professionally typeset documents for both print and electronic publication

CalculationCenter supports the popular notebook (.nb) format, which integrates text, equations and graphics in a single platform-independent document. You can easily send notebooks by email or post them on the web, which makes them a convenient format for technical reports and articles.

CalculationCenter is the ideal tool for professionals who need quick solutions to technical problems. For more information on CalculationCenter, contact Wolfram Research at