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Entering Mathematical Notation

Mathematical symbols and two-dimensional notation can be entered either from the keyboard or by using controllers.

Entering formulas

The following keystrokes can be used for two-dimensional input.

Practice entering a formula by going through these steps:

1. x ControlKeyLeftModified6 RightModified

2. 2 ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

3. +1 ControlKeyLeftModified/ RightModified

4. ControlKeyLeftModified2 RightModifiedx ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

5. + a ControlKeyLeftModified- RightModified1 ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKeyControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

Any part of a two-dimensional formula can be selected and edited.


Matrices can be entered via the commands listed under the Lists and Matrices RightTriangle Creation menu. In the dialog box, specify the desired number of rows and columns and then click Paste.

Matrices can also be entered directly from the keyboard.

Special characters

Every special character in CalculationCenter has a full name, such as \ [Alpha]. Many characters also have short aliases using the EscapeKey key.

Practice entering special characters by going through these steps:

1. \ [Alpha]

2. + EscapeKeyb EscapeKey

EscapeKey appears on the screen as ? and disappears when the substitution occurs.


Bullet The Characters controller in the File RightTriangle Open Controller submenu lists many special characters. Move your cursor over any character to view its full name in the border of the controller.

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