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Animated Mathematica Functions

Animated Mathematica Functions

The following animations graphically illustrate the usage of a number of built-in Mathematica commands. To rewind and replay a given animation, click the purple icon in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up window. More detailed information about these and all other Mathematica commands can be found in the online version of The Mathematica Book.

To look up a function in The Mathematica Book, click on the arrow to the right of its name below.

Note: You will need a Flash plug-in to view these files.

Apply   Array
  Cases   Delete   DeleteCases
  Drop   FixedPoint   Flatten
  FlattenAt   Fold   Inner
  Insert   Join   ListConvolve
  Map   MapThread   Nest
  Outer   Partition   Prepend
  ReplacePart   Reverse   RotateLeft
  RotateRight   Select   Sort
  Split   Thread   Transpose