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GUIKit Package

GUIKit provides a higher-level Wolfram Language expression syntax for defining a graphical user interface along with a runtime environment for managing and deploying these reusable definitions. GUIKit simplifies the construction and layout of common user interface programming and eliminates the need to write code using the underlying Java programming language. GUIKit allows Wolfram Language users to quickly define interfaces as Wolfram Language expressions and to program the logic of these user interfaces with familiar Wolfram Language programming constructs.


Running GUIs »

GUIRun load and run an interface definition in a modeless state

GUIRunModal  ▪  GUILoad  ▪  ...

Building GUIs »

Widget define a new widget instance

Script associate code with a widget

BindEvent  ▪  InvokeMethod  ▪  ...

Widgets »

Frame  ▪  Panel  ▪  Button  ▪  Slider  ▪  ...