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represents the affine space passing through the points .

represents the affine space passing through p in the directions .


  • AffineSpace is also known as a point, line, plane, -flat, -plane, etc.
  • AffineSpace can be used as a geometric region and a graphics primitive.
  • AffineSpace represents the region or . The dimension is k if the are affinely independent or the are linearly independent.
  • AffineSpace can be used in Graphics and Graphics3D.
  • AffineSpace will be clipped by PlotRange when rendering.
  • Graphics rendering is affected by directives such as Opacity and color as well as:
  • PointSize0-dimensional ()
    Thickness,Dashing1-dimensional ()
    FaceForm2-dimensional ()
  • For a two-dimensional AffineSpace, FaceForm[front,back] can be used to specify different styles for the front and back, where the front is defined to be in the direction of the normal Cross[v1,v2] or Cross[p2-p1,p3-p1], depending on which input form is used.
Introduced in 2015