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represents an annulus centered at with inner radius and outer radius .

represents an annulus from angle to .


  • Annulus is also known as a punctured disk.
  • Annulus can be used as a geometric region and a graphics primitive.
  • Annulus[] is equivalent to Annulus[{0,0},{1/2,1}].
  • Annulus[r] is equivalent to Annulus[{0,0},{r/2,r}].
  • Annulus[{rinner,router}] is equivalent to Annulus[{0,0},{rinner,router}].
  • Annulus represents the filled region {p|r_(inner)<=TemplateBox[{{p, -, {{, {x, ,, y}, }}}}, Norm]<=r_(outer)} or {p|r_(inner)<=TemplateBox[{{p, -, {{, {x, ,, y}, }}}}, Norm]<=r_(outer)} intersection Disk[{x,y},r_(outer),{theta_1,theta_2}].
  • Annulus allows and .
  • Angles are measured in radians counterclockwise from the positive x direction.
  • Annulus can be used in Graphics.
  • In graphics, the points can be Dynamic expressions.
  • Graphics rendering is affected by directives such as FaceForm, EdgeForm, and color.
Introduced in 2015