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is an option for WolframAlpha that determines whether to use the asynchronous features of the Wolfram|Alpha API.


  • With Asynchronous->False, the WolframAlpha function retrieves all pod data from the Wolfram|Alpha server in a single transaction.
  • With Asynchronous->True, the WolframAlpha function sets the flag in the API. An initial block of content is retrieved from the Wolfram|Alpha servers, which may contain placeholders. The placeholders are filled by subsequent, parallel calls to Import. The WolframAlpha function returns once all of the calls to Import have been resolved.
  • WolframAlpha["query","FullOutput",Asynchronous->All] retrieves the initial block of content identically to Asynchronous->True. The function then immediately returns, displaying Dynamic content that populates over time with subsequent calls to Import.
  • Asynchronous->All for other formats is equivalent to Asynchronous->True.
Introduced in 2010