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converts an angle θ given in decimal degrees to a degrees-minutes-seconds string.

converts latitude and longitude given in decimal degrees to a DMS latitude-longitude string.

converts a DMS list to a DMS string.


  • DMSString[θ,"NS"] or DMSString[θ,"EW"] gives a string representation in which the sign of the angle is indicated by one of the cardinal directions , , , or .
  • DMSString[{ϕ,λ}] uses for positive ϕ and for positive λ.
  • DMSString[θ,n] uses n-digit precision for seconds. DMSString[θ,{"XY",n}] defines both sign representation and precision.
  • Angles in radians can be converted to degrees for use in DMSString by dividing by Degree.
Introduced in 2008
| Updated in 2014