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gives a matrix whose elements are in a disk-shaped region of radius r, and are otherwise .

gives a w×w matrix containing a disk of s with radius r.

yields an array whose elements are in an ellipsoidal region with semiaxis in the i^(th) index direction.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The disk of s is always at the center of the region.
  • In DiskMatrix[r] or DiskMatrix[{r1,}] the matrix or array is sized so as to just include all nonzero elements.
  • The disk-like region is taken to be the best discrete approximation to a circular disk possible given the size of the matrix.
  • DiskMatrix[All,w] gives a w×w matrix containing a disk that is as large as possible.
  • DiskMatrix[,{w1,w2,}] gives a array.
  • DiskMatrix[{r1,,rn},w] gives a array.
  • DiskMatrix[All,{w1,,wn}] gives a array containing an ellipsoid that is as large as possible.
  • The radius r need not be an integer; in general elements are if their distance from the center is not more than .
  • For integer r, DiskMatrix[r] yields a × matrix.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

This computes and plots a square disk-shaped matrix of radius 7:

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Introduced in 2008