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distributes all definitions for the symbols to all parallel kernels.

distributes definitions for all symbols in the specified context.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • DistributeDefinitions in effect applies ParallelEvaluate to all assignments for values and attributes with the symbols , including not only ownvalues but also downvalues, upvalues, and other types of values.
  • DistributeDefinitions applies itself recursively to any symbols appearing in the definitions of the symbols .
  • DistributeDefinitions has attribute HoldAll.
  • DistributeDefinitions in effect "registers" the definitions for the symbols so that they are automatically distributed to every new parallel kernel that may be launched.
  • DistributeDefinitions[expr] for an arbitrary expression expr distributes definitions for all symbols appearing in expr.
Introduced in 2008
| Updated in 2010