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gives an image consisting of the first n rows of image.

gives an image consisting of the last n rows of image.

gives rows through .

gives the image that spans to and to .

gives the 3D image consisting of the specified slices, rows, and columns.


  • ImageTake takes the rows of an image to be numbered from top to bottom, starting at 1.
  • ImageTake uses the standard sequence specification:
  • Allall elements
    nelements 1 up to n
    UpTo[n]elements 1 up to n
    -nlast n elements
    {n}element n only
    {m,n}elements m through n inclusive
    {m,n,s}elements m through n in steps of s
  • If fewer elements exist than are requested, ImageTake will just return the elements that are present.
Introduced in 2008
| Updated in 2015