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attempts to adjust the specified quantity purchasing power to targetdate.

uses the current year as targetdate.

converts the currency to targetunit after adjusting to the current year.

attempts to adjust the specified timeseries data purchasing power to targetdate.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • InflationAdjust calculates the purchasing power of a currency at a specific point in time, using historical Consumer Price Index (CPI) data.
  • Custom CPI time series data can be provided by using the InflationMethod option as a TimeSeries object, a TemporalData object, or a time-value pair like .
  • When the source and target units are different, inflation adjustment in the source unit takes place first before currency conversion takes place at the target date.
  • The targetdate can be a year or a DateList. If a single year is specified, the midyear date is assumed: July 1.
  • If the targetunit is a DatedUnit object, the specified date is used as the target year rather than the current year.
  • The timeseries can be a TimeSeries object, a TemporalData object, or a time-value pair.
  • An internet connection is required for conversion between currency units.
Introduced in 2014