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is an option for Cell that determines in what category of language the contents of the cell should be assumed to be for purposes of spell checking and hyphenation.


  • Possible settings for LanguageCategory are:
  • "Formula"mathematical formula
    "Input"Wolfram Language input
    "NaturalLanguage"human natural language
    "Output"Wolfram Language output
    Nonedo no spell checking or hyphenation
  • LanguageCategory is normally set to for text cells, for input cells, for output cells, and None for print and message cells.
  • LanguageCategory is also used by the system to help determine the behavior of automatic completion and code highlighting features.
  • LanguageCategory is more often set at the level of styles than at the level of individual cells.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

Create a document with cells that have different LanguageCategory settings:

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Syntax coloring is displayed only in cells with LanguageCategory->"Input":

The menu command Edit Check Spelling finds misspellings only in cells:

Introduced in 2014