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filters image by replacing every value by the median in its range-r neighborhood.

applies median filtering to an array of data.


  • MedianFilter works with arbitrary-rank numerical arrays, regular and irregular time series, 2D and 3D images, and sampled sound objects, operating separately on each channel.
  • For multichannel images, MedianFilter[image,] replaces each pixel by a pixel in its neighborhood that has the median total intensity, averaged over all channels.
  • MedianFilter[image,r] finds the median in blocks centered on each pixel.
  • At the edges of an image, MedianFilter uses smaller neighborhoods.
  • MedianFilter works with 3D as well as 2D images, and also with data arrays of any rank.
  • MedianFilter[image,{rrow,rcol}] uses range in height, and in width.
  • MedianFilter[image,{rslice,rrow,rcol}] uses range in height, in depth, and in width.
Introduced in 2008
| Updated in 2015