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gives the last element of SequenceFoldList[f,{x1,,xn},{a1,a2,}].

applies f to k arguments at each step, with the first n coming from the or previous results, and the last coming from the .


  • In SequenceFold[f,{x1,,xn},{a1,a2,}], the function f is assumed to have n+1 arguments.
  • SequenceFold[f,{x},{a1,a2,}] is equivalent to Fold[f,x,{a1,a2,}].
  • SequenceFold[f,{x1,,xn},{a1,a2,}] is equivalent to SequenceFold[f,{x1,,xn},{a1,a2,},n+1].
  • In SequenceFold[f,{x1,,xn},{a1,a2,},k], the integer k must obey .
Introduced in 2015