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displays with expr in plain text format.

is a graphics primitive that displays the textual form of expr centered at the point specified by coords.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The text is displayed by default in StandardForm, but in a typical textual font such as Times.
  • Text can be used in both two- and three-dimensional graphics.
  • In graphics, Text[expr] is equivalent to Text[expr,{0,0}] or Text[expr,{0,0,0}].
  • Text[expr,coords] works like Inset[expr,coords].
  • The coordinates can be specified either as or as Scaled[{x,y,}]. »
  • In two dimensions, coordinates can also be specified using Offset. »
  • Text[expr,coords,offset] specifies an offset for the block of text relative to the coordinates given. Giving an offset specifies that the point should lie at relative coordinates within the bounding rectangle that encloses the text. Each relative coordinate runs from to across the bounding rectangle.
  • The offsets specified need not be in the range to .
  • Sample offsets to use in two-dimensional graphics include:
  • {0,0}text centered at
    {-1,0}lefthand end at
    {1,0}righthand end at
    {0,-1}centered above
    {0,1}centered below
  • Text[expr,coords,offset,dir] specifies the orientation of the text and is given by the direction vector dir. Possible values of dir are:
  • {1,0}ordinary horizontal text
    {0,1}vertical text reading from bottom to top
    {0,-1}vertical text reading from top to bottom
    {-1,0}horizontal upsidedown text
  • Text in three-dimensional graphics is placed at a position that corresponds to the projection of the point specified. Text is drawn in front of all other objects.
  • The following options can be given:
  • BackgroundNonebackground color
    ContentSelectableAutomaticwhether to allow selection of contents
    BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the contents
    FormatTypeAutomaticformat type
  • Outside of graphics, Text[expr] effectively generates a TextCell.
Introduced in 1988
| Updated in 2008