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Atomic Elements of Expressions

All expressions in the Wolfram Language are ultimately built from a small number of distinct types of atomic elements.


AtomQ test whether an expression is an atom

Head find the head of any expression, including an atom

Symbols »

Symbol the head of a symbol; create a symbol from a name

SymbolName  ▪  Context  ▪  Remove  ▪  Names  ▪  NameQ  ▪  ...

Strings »

String the head of a string

StringQ  ▪  Characters  ▪  ToCharacterCode  ▪  StringLength  ▪  ToExpression  ▪  ...

Numbers »

Integer  ▪  Real  ▪  Rational  ▪  Complex

NumberQ test for a number of any type

IntegerDigits  ▪  RealDigits  ▪  Precision  ▪  MachineNumberQ  ▪  ...