Wolfram Language & System 10.4 (2016)|Legacy Documentation

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Notebook Shortcuts

The Wolfram System's interface is carefully optimized for both menu and keyboard usewith many convenient ergonomic features, including some that are not immediately visible from menus.


Typing Shortcuts »

Multiple Click select larger and larger subexpressions

Alt+], Alt+}, Alt+) enter matched brackets: , ,

Ctrl+L copy down an input line (Insert Input from Above)

Ctrl+Shift+L copy down an output line (Insert Output from Above)

F1 search for help on the name selected, or to the left

Shift+F1 bring up a new instance of the help viewer

Shift+Ctrl+Enter evaluate the selection in place

Shift+Ctrl+C copy as plain text

Shift+Ctrl+P print selection

Cell Groups

Ctrl+' toggle cell groups open/closed

Shift+Ctrl+{, Shift+Ctrl+} open/close all cell groups

Complete Notebooks

Shift+Close immediately close a notebook without saving

F12 toggle full screen

File New create a new notebook, package, slide show, etc.