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is an option which specifies how the contents of a displayed object should be aligned within the available area in the object.


  • The following settings can be given:
  • Automaticdefault alignment based on environment
    Leftleft aligned
    Rightright aligned
    Toptop aligned
    Bottombottom aligned
    Baselinebaseline aligned
    {h,v}separate horizontal and vertical alignments
    xaligned at position x from (left) to (right)
    {x,y}aligned at horizontal and vertical positions x and y from to
    "c"aligned on the specified character in a grid
  • Alignment->Center is equivalent to Alignment->{Center,Center}.
  • In Alignment->{x,y}, y values run from at the bottom to at the top.
  • Alignment->spec indicates that the spec element of an object should align with the spec element of whatever object contains it.
  • With Alignment->Automatic, the alignment for the contents of an object will be based on the alignment specified for whatever object contains it.
  • For objects such as Grid, Column, and GraphicsGrid, the setting for Alignment can be a list that specifies alignments for individual columns, rows, or elements.

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Basic Examples  (3)Basic Examples  (3)

Align elements around the center of the grid:

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Different predefined alignment options for Button:

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Align expressions within the panel:

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Introduced in 2007