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resamples array to have dimensions .

resamples array according to the dimension specification dspec.

specifies resampling scheme, either point or bin based.

resamples in the data subrange using the rest of array for padding if necessary.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • ArrayResample can be used for resampling data arrays based on a large selection of interpolation and approximation models.
  • ArrayResample works with data arrays of any depth.
  • The dimension specification dspec can be of the form:
  • nn samples
    Scaled[s]rescale sampling resolution by factor s
    Allpreserve dimension
    Automaticpreserve dimension ratios
    {dspec1,,dspeck}resample up to the ^(th) dimension
  • For a multidimensional array, the notation n is taken to be equivalent to {n,Automatic,} and {n} equivalent to {n,All,}.
  • The dimension ratios for an array of dimensions is taken to be .
  • The scheme determines the location of sample and resample positions and can be of the form:
  • "Point"point sampling (default)
    "Bin"bin sampling
    {"Bin",alignment}bin sampling with specified alignment
  • For input data of length n the resampling scheme assumes a data range from 1 to n and the scheme assumes a data range from to n with the alignment indicating the sample location within each bin.
  • The data range can be modified using the DataRange option.
  • Bin alignment alignment can be Left, Center, Right, or any number between (Left) and 1 (Right).
  • The following options can be given:
  • DataRangeAutomaticrange of the input data
    Padding"Fixed"padding method
    ResamplingAutomaticresampling method
  • For possible settings for Padding, see the reference page for ArrayPad.
Introduced in 2014