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gives a list of the geographic entities of type enttype contained in the extended region reg.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • In GeoEntities[reg,enttype], reg can be specified as either an Entity object or an extended GeoGraphics primitive.
  • In GeoEntities[reg,enttype], enttype can be specified as an Entity object, such as Entity["Country"], or as a string, such as .
  • Valid forms of enttype include:
  • "AdministrativeDivision"administrative division of any level
    "AdministrativeDivision1"first-level administrative division
    "AdministrativeDivision2"second-level administrative division
    "AdministrativeDivision3"third-level administrative division
    "Country"country, territory, etc.
    "USCounty"US counties
    "USState"US states
    "ZIPCode"US ZIP codes
    Except[ent,enttype]entities other than ent of type enttype
    GeoVariant[enttype,variant]entities using variant regions
    EntityClass["type","class"]individual members of class
    type1|type2|any of the
    Allany possible type

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Basic Examples  (3)Basic Examples  (3)

The mountains in Israel:

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Famous buildings in the city of Dallas, Texas:

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Cities in a particular coordinate rectangle:

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Introduced in 2014