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adjusts the levels in image, rescaling them to cover the range to .

adjusts the contrast of image by an amount c.

adjusts the contrast by an amount c and the brightness by an amount b.

also performs a gamma correction by raising values to the power γ.

first rescales so that the range of input values to is mapped to to .

rescales so that the range of input values to is mapped to to .


  • ImageAdjust works with images involving any number of channels.
  • Zero adjustment corresponds to contrast adjustment , brightness adjustment , and gamma correction .
  • When rescaled values lie outside the range to , they are clipped.
  • All correction and range parameters can be given as lists to specify different treatment for different channels in the image.
  • Range parameters can be set to Automatic to indicate the minimum or maximum of the values that occur in the image.
  • When applied to color images, ImageAdjust always returns an RGB image.
  • ImageAdjust works with Image3D objects.
Introduced in 2008
| Updated in 2012