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gives the centroid of the region reg.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • RegionCentroid is also known as center of mass, center of gravity, or barycenter.
  • The centroid is effectively given by Integrate[{x1,,xn},{x1,,xn}reg]/RegionMeasure[reg].
  • The centroid is in the region when the region is convex. Otherwise it is typically not in the region.
  • Examples of cases where rows correspond to embedding dimension and columns to geometric dimension:
  • If the region reg consists of a finite number of points, the RegionCentroid gives the mean.
  • A region with infinite RegionMeasure has no RegionCentroid and returns a point with Indeterminate coordinates.
  • RegionCentroid takes an Assumptions option that can be used to specify assumptions on parameters.
Introduced in 2014