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constructs a new object of the specified .NET type.

constructs a new object of the specified .NET type, passing the supplied argument sequence to the constructor.

constructs the object from the named type in the specified assembly.

uses the named assembly from the specified directory, if possible.

uses the named assembly from the "assembly" subdirectory of the main application directory corresponding to the given context, if possible.


  • To use NETNew, you first need to load .NET/Link using Needs["NETLink`"].
  • The type argument can be either a NETType expression that was returned from LoadNETType, or a string giving the type's name. The assembly in which the type resides must have been loaded with LoadNETAssembly.
  • The assembly argument can be an assembly name, a NETAssembly expression returned from LoadNETAssembly, or a path or URL to an assembly file. The assembly will be loaded if necessary.