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Direct Control of External Processes

The Wolfram Language allows you to start and control external processes within the operating system, and exchange data with them through streams.


One-Shot Program Execution

RunProcess run an external process, returning full information

Run run an external process without returning information

RunThrough run an external process using stdin and stdout

Import  ▪  Export  ▪  $SystemShell

Ongoing Interaction with Running Processes

Processes list of current external processes

StartProcess start an external process, returning a process object

ProcessObject an object representing an external process, allowing reading and writing

ProcessStatus  ▪  ProcessInformation  ▪  KillProcess

ProcessConnection get a handle to a specified stream associated with a process

ReadString  ▪  ReadLine  ▪  WriteLine  ▪  BinaryRead  ▪  BinaryWrite  ▪  EndOfBuffer