Wolfram Language & System 10.0 (2014)|Legacy Documentation

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Global Computation Settings & Parameters

The Wolfram Language is built to handle arbitrarily large computationslimited only by computer time and memoryand provides a collection of convenient global safety features to prevent programs from going out of control.


Limiting Computations

$RecursionLimit maximum recursion depth

$IterationLimit maximum number of iterations

$MaxPiecewiseCases  ▪  $MaxRootDegree

TimeConstrained  ▪  MemoryConstrained  ▪  TimeConstraint


$MaxExtraPrecision  ▪  $MinPrecision  ▪  $MaxPrecision  ▪  $NumberMarks

Computational Parameters

$Assumptions global assumptions to make about variables, etc.


$ModuleNumber  ▪  $SessionID

SystemInformation  ▪  Options  ▪  CurrentValue