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Number Digits

The Wolfram Language can handle numbers of essentially unlimited length, in any base, using state-of-the-art platform-optimized algorithms, including several developed at Wolfram Research. For rational numbers, it uses number theoretic methods to efficiently find the exact forms of repeating digit sequences.


IntegerDigits digits of an integer

RealDigits digits of a real number

FromDigits reconstruct a number from its digits

IntegerLength total number of digits in an integer

DigitCount count the number of occurrences of given digits

IntegerExponent  ▪  MantissaExponent  ▪  IntegerPart  ▪  Log10  ▪  Log2

IntegerString digits of an integer as a string

BaseForm display a number in base b

NumberForm  ▪  PaddedForm  ▪  ...

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