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Scientific & Technical Data

The Wolfram Language has immediate built-in access to extensive scientific and technical dataall carefully curated and updated at Wolfram Research.


Physical & Chemical Data

ElementData bulk, atomic, chemical, etc. properties of chemical elements

ChemicalData structural, physical, and other properties of chemical compounds

IsotopeData static and decay properties of all nuclear isotopes

ParticleData properties of stable, unstable, and resonance particles

Earth & Astronomical Data

WeatherData full current and historical worldwide weather data

GeodesyData data on geodetic coordinate systems, geoid shapes, etc.

CityData  ▪  CountryData  ▪  GeoDistance

Life Science Data

GenomeData properties of human and other genes

GenomeLookup fast lookup of human and other genome sequences

SequenceAlignment  ▪  SmithWatermanSimilarity  ▪  ...

ProteinData protein structure and function

Importing & Exporting External Data »

Import, Export import, export scientific & technical data

"HDF"  ▪  "FITS"  ▪  "DICOM"  ▪  "EDF"  ▪  "MOL"  ▪  "PDB"  ▪  "FASTA"  ▪  ...