Wolfram 语言与系统 10.0 (2014)|旧版文档

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Systematic Testing & Verification

The Wolfram Language provides fully integrated support for creating, maintaining, and verifying tests for functions and packages written in the Wolfram Language. Using either a plain text format or a rich notebook interface, you can create and run tests on demand. Additionally, the Wolfram Language also allows you to convert regular notebooks to testing notebooks using a simple toolbar.


VerificationTest test whether a given input generates a specified output

TestResultObject an object that represents the results of a VerificationTest

TestReport generate a test report by running a collection of tests

TestReportObject an object that represents the results of TestReport

MemoryConstraint an option for TestReport and VerificationTest that specifies how much memory (in bytes) the test is allowed to use

SameTest an option whose setting gives a pairwise comparison function to determine whether expressions should be considered the same

TestID an option to VerificationTest that specifies a string used as an identifier for the test

TimeConstraint an option for various algorithmic functions that specifies how long to spend trying a particular transformation or part of an algorithm