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gives the current time zone to assume for dates and times.


  • The time zone gives the number of hours which must be added to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to obtain local time.
  • U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST) corresponds to time zone .
  • Daylight Saving Time corrections must be included in the time zone, so U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) corresponds to time zone .
  • $TimeZone is set at the beginning of your Wolfram System session to the time zone specified by your computer operating system.
  • $TimeZone=z resets the current time zone for purposes of functions like DateString, DateList and AbsoluteTime.
  • Settings for $TimeZone need not be integers.
  • The Wolfram System assumes that the time returned by the system clock on your computer system is for the time zone corresponding to $TimeZone.

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Show number of hours which must be added to GMT to obtain local time:

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Introduced in 2007