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or replaces the head of expr by f.

or replaces heads at level of expr by f.

replaces heads in parts of expr specified by levelspec.

represents an operator form of Apply that can be applied to an expression.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Apply uses standard level specifications:
  • nlevels through n
    Infinitylevels through Infinity
    {n}level n only
    {n1,n2}levels through
  • The default value for levelspec in Apply is .
  • is equivalent to Apply[f,expr,{1}].
  • A positive level n consists of all parts of expr specified by n indices.
  • A negative level -n consists of all parts of expr with depth n.
  • Level consists of numbers, symbols, and other objects that do not have subparts.
  • Level corresponds to the whole expression.
  • Apply always effectively constructs a complete new expression and then evaluates it.
  • Apply operates on SparseArray objects just as it would on the corresponding ordinary lists.
  • Apply operates on values only in Association objects.
  • Apply[f][expr] is equivalent to Apply[f,expr].
Introduced in 1988
| Updated in 2014