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is an option that specifies what background color to use.


  • The setting for Background can be any color or opacity specification.
  • Background is an option to such functions as Graphics, Plot, Text, Pane, Button, and Cell.
  • When an object has option Background->color, the specified color will normally be used as a background throughout the region defined by the object.
  • Style[expr,Background->color] specifies that color should be used as the background only for the region defined by the bounding box of expr.
  • In constructs such as Grid, Item can be used to specify that a background should fill the complete region for a particular item.
  • In a cell, the background is used only for the region inside any cell frame.
  • Background->None specifies that no background should be used, so that in effect the background is transparent.
  • Background->Automatic specifies a background that follows the system appearance for the particular object or window used. For Inset, Background->Automatic specifies that the background should be taken from the graphic in which it appears.
  • For objects such as Grid, Column, and Row, the setting for Background can be a list that specifies backgrounds for individual columns, rows, or elements.
Introduced in 1991
| Updated in 2012