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gives a color obtained by blending a fraction of color and of color .

linearly interpolates between colors as x varies from 0 to 1.

interpolates to give when .

blends all the , using fraction of color .

blends pixel values of 2D or 3D images .


  • Blend implements additive color mixing as appropriate for colored light sources or lightgenerating displays.
  • In Blend[{col1,,coln},{u1,,un}] the are normalized to have total 1. »
  • Blend[{col1,col2,}] blends equal fractions of all the .
  • In Blend[{image1,image2},x], if and are of different dimensions, linear interpolation of the dimensions is used.
  • Blend[{image,col},x] blends every pixels of image with the color col.
  • In Blend[{image1,col1,,coln,image2},x], is interpreted as an image whose dimensions are taken from a linear interpolation between dimensions of and .
Introduced in 2007
| Updated in 2014